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Q. Where are the main references of ID & Card scanners?


A. ID & Card scanners are installed over the various industries in people life for access control, ID verification and/or age verification purpose; Public places like government offices, schools, hospitals, banks and subways, age-restricted places like casinos, bars, gun ranges and night clubs and even business offices, accommodation places and convenience stores.




Q. What are the common and different features of three ID & Card scanners, WIS-1000, WIS-4000 and WMS-3000, Wisecube manufactures?


A. All three scanners can accept a standard sized card (ISO7811).

WIS-1000 is an ID scanner for countertops, and WIS-4000 and WMS-3000 are for kiosk installations. WMS-3000 is a card ‘reader’ while WIS-4000 is a card ‘scanner’ with card reading options.

WMS-3000 is a magnetic / IC card ‘reader and writer’ with intelligent SW F2F decoder for low error rate. WIS-4000 focuses on card image ‘scanning’ as a main functionality, and is capable of having WMS-3000’s functions as options.




Q. What is the most distinguishable competitive advantage of Wisecube’s ID & Card scanners?


A. Wisecube’s ID & Card scanner provides reliable outcomes based on stable operations under the real world situations. Wisecube’s scanners have been operated over years for access control purpose at public schools in the United States, ID verification purpose at subways in China and at government offices in Spain and South Korea. Thanks to the years of experience gathered from various sized companies and industries, Wisecube is capable of offering flexible and customized solutions for your own project.




Q. What comes along with Wisecube’s ID & Card scanners?


A. Power adapter, USB, other connection code (when needed) and SDK are provided along with a ID & Card scanner.




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