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Q. Why do I need passport scanners?


A. Airports, hotels, other accommodation places, malls, travel agencies, duty free stores, hospitals, casinos, banks and many other places installed passport scanners for efficient operation and access control. 
The individual end-users can serve themselves via self service kiosks, such as self-baggage drop kiosks, without waiting hours in a line to be served. The businesses installed passport scanners become more efficient in distribution of labors but also in application of big data based on accumulated data by the scanners.




Q. What are the common and different features of the four passport scanners, WiseScan400, WiseScan410, WiseScan420 and WiseScan430, Wisecube manufactures?



MRZ readingYesYesYesYes
Scanning Speed2 seconds2 seconds2 seconds2 seconds
Full Page ScanningYESYESUp to 54mm YES
Serial InterfaceNONOYESNO
Coating Reflected Image CancellationYESYESYESYES
Image DistortionNONONONO
Image Resolution VariationLess than 0.1%Less than 0.1%Less than 0.1%Less than 0.1%


WiseScan400, WiseScan410, WiseScan420 and WiseScan430 are color CIS based scanners providing vivid and distortion-free images for OCR rates.


WiseScan400 can read e-Passports with RFID reader option attached. WiseScan410 scans an entire information page of a passport. It is useful for businesses where requires to archive all visitors IDs, such as some government institutions or hotels, for a period of time. WiseScan420 scans a passport up to 54mm from the bottom. Due to the compact size, it is easy to install into kiosks or on chaotic desks. WiseScan420 provides USB, USB Serial, Serial and Keyboard emulator as interfaces. WiseScan430 is a standalone type passport scanner with an Android tablet combined. It provides the end-users intuitive user experiences with familiar android UI.




Q. What is the most distinguishable competitive advantage of Wisecube’s passport scanners?


A. Wisecube’s passport scanners provide outstanding OCR reading rate.

Passport scanners automatically detect a subject to be scanned once the end-user puts their ID on it. The passport scanners offers excellent OCR rate via distortion free, high resolution images. In addition to that, Wisecube’s developers brought up the OCR reading rate to the higher level by using multiple light sources in a scan.




Q. What comes along with Wisecube's passport scanners?


A. Power adapter, USB, other connection code (when needed) and SDK are provided along with a passport scanner.




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